Goal of this project is to develop a simple and fair-as-possible application for comparing some network libraries based on a 'reaction delay test' (Client sends a packet, Server sends the packet back und the Client measures the time between send and receive using a packet timestamp). So the test measures 'the delay of the networktransport + the delay generated by the library'. This application is not intended to be used as a 'xy is better than yx for ever and everything' argument. The application is intended to be used as an indicator which solution meets your requirements best. Moreover this test is designed to be fair as possible but it does not claim to be fair in all cases.
The testparameters are saved in a lua script which will be parsed by the application after starting the application. You can drag&drop a config file on the application (windows) or start it with a config-file path as parameter or without a parameter. After the application has finished the results can be found in the specified directories and files (just take a look at the config.lua file for further information). The creation and immediate destruction of a window is not unusual and needed for the creation of the diagram.

There are three ways to go in general:

  • if you trust the tests and the results, take a look at existing results and try to find something similar to your basic conditions
  • if you trust the test but the results does not meet your conditions, download the source/binaries, customize the config.lua and collect your own results
  • if you do not trust the test, download the source find out why you do not trust the test and suggest improvements or contact me Nox@7bitfaster.de

A comparison between the designs and structures of the different libraries. Hint: the table representate only my own personal opinion. Not more not less!