Name Version protocol pros notes cons
RakNet 3.7171 primary UDP (primary packet orientated) -supports automatic traffic control
-many additional plugins (take a look at the featurelist)
-supports automatic variablewatching
-uses a replica system plugin for the synctest -replica system consums much cputime
-replica system struggle with higher count of objects
Enet 1.2.1 UDP (packet orientated) -easy to understand
-small codebase
-pure c-api
-supports traffic control (broadband has to be set)
-no builtin sync system
Netlib + SyncSys   TCP -native threadsafe
-asynchronious packet handling possible
-still under massive development
-uses SyncSys lib for the synctest
-no autovariablewatch supported
Zoidcom 0.6.10/0.6.11 primary UDP (node orientated) -supports automatic variablewatching -still under massive development
-uses singletons
-uses builtin replica system for the synctest
-only precompiled bins available
-does not support automatic traffic control
-sometimes bitstream can not be copied in a naive way
-autovariablewatch consums much cputime
-many callbacksoverloading needed
irrNetLite 2.1 UDP (primary connection orientated) -wraps enet in a nice way -broadband is pre set to 128kbit/s down and 56kbit/s up
(can be changed by a parameter)
-no builtin sync system